Why Zen Productivity?

One of the main stressors at work is not feeling that you’re on top of what’s most important, and feeling like something important may be missed.
Many people feel overwhelmed with their email inboxes and to-do lists, often dropping the ball on tasks, and just treading water trying to get their work done.

Your team at work may not all be on the same page with email etiquette and best practices.
I can teach your team a specific system that will help your everyone get in synch so the team can be more effective and properly engage in their work.
What type of things should be handled by email? On the phone? In meetings? I will present a framework that helps make this decision.

When email inboxes are under control, communications are streamlined, and everyone is using a task manager efficiently – everyone is much less stressed out, and everyone can focus on the most important work.