Zen Productivity Coaching
will help you:

• Get more done with less effort
• Focus on your big goals and prioritize your tasks
• Use the proper tools to manage tasks and communicate
• Reduce clutter in your inbox, on your desk and in your brain
• Spend less time on email
• Improve your time management skills
• Delegate effectively
• Find a good balance between paper and technology

I have 20 years of experience in business, building systems for teams who are on different schedules to communicate effectively.

I have thousands of hours of experience teaching and motivating adults to change their habits (teaching martial arts, boot camp and fitness classes to adults and kids). I know how to boil things down to their essence and how to help people change. I’m a no-nonsense presenter who will get your team in gear.

I LOVE helping teams and individuals become self-sufficient task ninjas! I appreciate the ability to reach a “zen” state with work, so that people can be most effective in the roles they play at work, and in their personal lives.