Establishing a Morning Routine

Establishing a morning routine is a powerful tool in your journey to becoming more productive and less stressed.

Think about what you really want from your morning. This is the start of your day. Don’t make checking email or Facebook your first priority! Why? Because you should be in control of what you do. Email, social apps and news feeds can sidetrack you and easily take more time than you had intended.

Instead – create a list of habits you think would get your day started off right. If you can list out and visualize what the routine looks like it will help.

For each NEW habit, you will need a cue. Do you want to establish a walking routine? Then the night before you need to put out your walking shoes and clothes near the bed so you can see them and put them on right away.

2015-09-09 09.59.15

My routine (most mornings)

Remember to lean on the powerful features in Todoist to remind you to do things that are not yet a habit. You can have a recurring reminder in the evening to set out your clothing, and another one in the morning to follow the routine (you can have an SMS sent to your phone, or put the routine in your notes if needed, or draw it out on paper, and hang it on the mirror so you can see it.

Have fun with this! Experiment with cues to see what works best to start your new habit. When you’ve done your habit for a few days, set up a treat for yourself. Treats could include setting a date with a friend to celebrate your new habit over coffee, or make a gratitude post in our Facebook group and have friends give you a high five!