Working on your Big Goals (“Big Rocks”)

Big Rocksimage“Big Rocks” is a term we use to symbolize your goals. These are big goals that matter the most for your work and personal life.

First, of course, you need to identify what those goals are. It’s best to start with a few – maybe 3 or 4. Then you’ll need to set up some tasks that will move you towards those goals.

Weekly: Look at Big Rocks
Set up a recurring weekly task and reminder to review your “Big Rocks”. This can be done during your weekly reviews on Fridays.

Daily: Select Most Important Tasks (MIT’s)
Set up a daily task with recurring reminder to create 2 or 3 tasks for the next day that will move you closer to your goals (your Big Rocks).

Tip: Work on your MIT’s first thing in the day when you are fresh and your mind is clear.
If you begin building this habit, you will find that you will be taking small steps to achieve big, important goals instead of wasting your time with tasks that are unimportant or time-wasters.

You can do it!